hobart fitness tips

Your Bodyweight + Gravity + Movement = Stronger and Fitter Body.

A chin up bar or a set of rings can be the complete home gym to compliment your regular workouts. Chin up variations or ring rows are the main movement pattern that is missed with ‘equipment free’ workouts. If you aren’t strong enough to do chin ups then the body weight rings rows serve as…

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You’ve failed. What Next?

So here you are, you’ve set yourself a goal and you put a plan to achieve it.  But, you’ve failed.  Maybe it was a personal, work or health goal.  Whichever type of goal it was it can be a confronting experience to face up to it and deal with the feelings of failure that can…

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hobart fitness tips

Understanding Proper Exercise Form

Aspire to do one perfect burpee instead of five imperfect burpees With bad form or poor technique you only cheat yourself. Your ego wants to achieve higher repetitions (or more weight) so you can brag to yourself or others (some internet high fives) about what you’ve done. Your body is going to respond to what…

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why fitness matters

How and Why Fitness Should Be Life Changing and Life Saving

At Citywide Fitness we have a big focus on moving better so we can move more This is important for the now BUT it’s literally a case of life and death as we get older. During a training course a few years back I was told about the importance of thoracic mobility. Basically the ability…

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xmas 2015

Practical Nutrition Strategies For Christmas and the New Year

With Christmas just around the corner lets have a look at some nutrition strategies to help you stay lean. Specifically lets look at some strategies when it comes to eating and drinking at social events over the next month or so. These strategies can be used all year too and are a handy addition to your…

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What Are You Willing to Sacrifice?

‘The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.’  – Bill Phillips In our last article we looked at setting a SMART goal. This was identified as one that allows us to put a plan in place to achieve the outcome, while allowing us to easily measure our progress…

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A SMARTer Way to Think About Your Goals

If we don’t have something to strive for in our daily lives and something to give us focus we are likely to achieve nothing while guaranteeing that we will lose at least one thing…….time. Time waits for no one and it is easy to lose days, weeks, months even wishing for something to change in…

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Tim’s Journey to Health – Week Eight

Tim’s been with us for eight weeks now, and we’ve started to see another side of him. He’s adapted to the training by making it part of his weekly routine and he is moving so much better than when he started with us. He is even getting a little cheeky. Eight weeks closer to achieving his goal…

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Be Open To Life’s Opportunities

I was presented with the usual hotel gym set up when on a family holiday recently. Treadmills, rower, a cable machine and a bench press (minus a bar or any weights), which made my usual lifting routine tough to replicate. I took the opportunity to change my routine up and I did some conditioning on…

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all the protein

All About Protein

When a client tells us they want to lose weight, the first thing we look at it, is nutrition. Making adjustments to your diet will put you on the fast track to losing those unwanted kilos. Controlling how much you put in your mouth is always more important than the number of kilometers you run or…

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