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Nine Health And Fitness Facebook Pages To Follow

Facebook can be a very large waste of time or it can be a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Here’s nine pages to follow so that you’re getting the latest and best information in health and fitness.

Citywide Fitness – I might be a bit biased here but it’s our page and we post some good content! You’ll find some home workouts, diet and nutrition information, some inspiration and a little bit of humour 🙂

Fit Happy Mummy – This page is run by Krista who is one of the trainers at Citywide Fitness. There’s a heap of workouts, food, recipes and cooking ideas.

Miss Purdie – Run by another of our trainers, Purdie, this page has a heap of healthy, family friendly food ideas including easy Thermomix recipes. There’s also a bit of motivation and inspiration from her Spartan buddy, Commando Steve!

Thinking Nutrition – This page is run by Tim Crowe who is an Associate Professor in Nutrition in the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences at Deakin University. This no fluff page gives you the latest nutrition research and controversies discussed in straight forward language.

Precision Nutrition – At the helm of this page is Dr John Berardi and his amazing team. No nonsense, science based information with real world application.


Bret Contreras Fitness Page – Bret is “The Glute Guy”, need we say more? There is a lot more to say though, Bret has been at the forefront of exercise science and is responsible for all the hip thrusts we do a Citywide Fitness!

Lean Bodies Consulting – Erik Ledin and the team don’t waste their words. Whilst they may post some hard truths, this is often the stuff we need to hear. They’ve got a great track record with getting clients in shape for fitness shows using a sensible combination of flexible dieting and strength training.

Ripped Body – Andy Morgan has put together a great website and page that covers all aspects of strength training and dieting. This page is the go to for any questions you might have with Intermittent Fasting or the Leangains approach to dieting.

Sci BabeThis page is run by Yvette d’Entremont who is a Chemist dedicated to bringing you science and humor. The goal of the page is to debunk bad science this is done in a ‘no holds barred’ manner!

You can probably see a bit of a pattern here…science, humour, straight to the point stuff that works and no BS. That’s how we like to operate and that’s who we follow.