introducing tim boys weight loss

How Tim Dropped 24kgs and Became A Morning Person!

By: James Kerrison

I met Tim at the Orientation Seminar for the 28 Day Transformation Challenge in November last year. He described himself as a ‘quiet natured’ person and if it wasn’t for his amazing process he may have not drawn this much attention to himself!

He works hard in the gym but his results have come from more than just sweating it out. There’s been a number of changes with his diet and the consistency with this is the ‘secret’ to his weight loss.

I asked Tim a few questions about his journey so far and this is what he had to say.


Who are you when you’re not sweating at Citywide?

Hi my name is Tim Boys.

When I am not at Citywide I am normally at work taking up my role as an IT Helpdesk Technician.

I also play soccer during the winter months and love getting out on my bike

How long have you trained at Citywide?

I started at Citywide Fitness in November 2015 for the 28 Day Transformation Challenge.

What results have you experienced so far?

Since starting with Citywide Fitness I have lost over 70cms across my body and 24kg in weight.

I have also gained a positive outlook on life and the importance of healthy living and being that person I want to be.

How have these changes impacted your day to day life?

The changes have impacted me in a huge way.  From the simple things like sleeping better and no snoring (my wife Jennifer is grateful for this) but also my mindset I would say is the biggest thing that has changed.

I am now am able to set my goals higher and achieve things that previously have not been able to achieve. I am also finding that I have heaps of energy and have a real passion for the gym (something which I have never had prior to joining Citywide.)

What was it that got you started?

My family had general concerns for my health and wellbeing as I was overweight and because of my bad eating habits. My motivation was my sister Sarah who tagged me in the link for the 28 Day Transformation Challenge.  It was a subtle hint that I should get onboard and sign up and that is exactIy what I did! I got off the couch, went onto the website, signed up and locked myself in.  Doing this made me accountable and I have no regrets since walking through those doors.

Has it all been smooth sailing? If not what were the biggest struggles you had to overcome?

Not everything wasn’t smooth sailing! I had a lot of bad habits to break such as eating fast food like McDonalds was a really big one. I would just eat it because it was easy.

The next was actually getting up at 6am to exercise. I was not a morning person before joining up now I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Was there a breakthrough moment that changed everything?

I think the first breakthrough moment for me was about halfway through the February 28 Day Transformation Challenge. At the time I had lost about 17kg and lots of cms but something clicked and from there I have built my positive new lifestyle and kept going with my passion of the gym .

Finally as person who is of a quiet natured and doesn’t win competitions etc the biggest breakthrough was actually winning the February 28 Day Transformation Challenge.  To say I was shocked was an understatement but I was happy that my effort and determination had paid off and this really motivated me to continue the journey and look forward to the next stages.

If someone reading this was wanting to make a change in their life but they’re unsure about starting at Citywide Fitness, what would you say to them?

If you want to turn your life around and not be judged by size, coordination or your fitness level then Citywide is for you.  With great backing from the team of trainers, the knowledge they have to give and the mental support they provide to help you achieve your goals is amazing! I cannot thank everyone at Citywide Fitness enough to get me where I am today.


Getting started can often be the hardest step. Tim was lucky enough to have his family care enough about him to give him a push in the right direction. We want as many people as possible to experience the life changing results that Tim and many, many others have and are making that first step as easy as possible. CLICK HERE to register for this month’s promotion where you get to experience everything that Tim mentions in his interview.