Consistency – The Weight Loss Wonder Drug

‘Get obsessed with the consistency in the actions that feed the goal. Getting obsessed with the goal won’t work and neither does having moderate goals. It’s like thinking about laying down the perfect brick after perfect brick rather than going nuts over when you’ll see the building emerge.’Amir Siddiqui, Owner of Symmetry Gym, Dubai

Consistency, above all else is the best weight loss wonder drug out there.

It didn’t fail for me, and for those that take their consistency pills regularly, it hasn’t failed them either.

The trouble is that it’s hard to package and sell consistency.

It’s much easier to sell a wonder drug that promises 10 kilos of fat loss in two weeks, or the training package that will give you the body you have always wanted in 6 weeks (or less).

Time and time again we see marketing promises that lead to unrealistic expectations and ultimately failure instead of focusing on developing solid, long term, consistent habits.

It doesn’t matter what your goal is – wether it be fat loss, muscle gain or improvements in athletic performance you are able to apply this principle of consistency to improve your likelihood of achieving your goals.

Take fat loss for instance. You have a big goal – it might be 10, 15 or even 25+ KG. It would be easy to obsess over that number (the house), and look for a quicker, easier way to start living in that house.

So what happens when you are unable to achieve those results in that quick timeframe?

You’ll probably start looking for the next ‘quick fix’, the next thing that promises you results in a quicker timeframe than before.

The person that looks at their weight loss goal and breaks it down into smaller, achievable goals is going to create long term habits, that will set them up for long term success.

To start out on a path to losing 25kg that might mean incorporating more whole, filling foods into their diet, cutting down on sugary drinks and setting a goal of walking for 30mins 3 times a week.

Nothing in that plan is unachievable, its almost impossible to fail. Your results might be slower at first but you’ll actually be able follow the plan, build momentum and tick off 5kgs, 10kgs etc.


I recently signed up for the Spartan Beast, 21KM with 35 obstacles.

It’s 67 days away.

Thinking about doing the race, makes me feel physically unwell.

Obstacle course racing is not something I’m particularly passionate about but I recognised that I needed a big goal to motivate me. Why not jump in the deep end right?!

I’ve never run that far before, in fact I’m sure I haven’t gone on a run longer that 10KM in my life.

So what have I done to change the way I’m feeling?

I’ve teamed up with a group who are doing the same race, I’ve ensured that I have the correct gear for race day and most importantly we have a training plan for the next 67 days.It starts at a level that I can already achieve and is going to build up week to week.

The plan didn’t involve going out tomorrow to run 21KM, I know I couldn’t do that at the moment.

In fact we started on Sunday with a 5.5KM run around the foreshore at Lindisfarne – a small step to start a journey towards achieving my goal of completing the race.

I know once race day comes around I’ll be prepared because I will have done the work.

I’ll be feeling much better than if I had done nothing, procrastinated about starting a training program for the race or bought that ’10 Days to Spartan Fit’ training package that I found online.

Think about how you can apply this to your life.

What small changes can you implement to get you closer to your goal than you are today?

Do you feel overwhelmed by your current fitness goal?

How can you break that down into smaller steps, still keeping that end goal in mind?

Focus on the process, and the goal will take care of itself.

If you are having trouble taking your focus off the house, have a chat to your trainer and we can talk about how we can help you.