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5 Tips for Busy Mums

Sticking with an exercise routine can be a struggle for anyone. But for Mums especially, squeezing in workouts can feel almost impossible. After all, how are you supposed to find time to work out when you can’t even go to the bathroom unattended?

Between caring for kids, workplace and household demands, doctors appointments, school and all the rest, there is often seemingly little time for Mums to take time out of their day to work on themselves. Here are a five tips that have helped me and my clients break through the everyday and get exercising. 


Set yourself up for success and plan to get your workout in before things get crazy. Too often we see people missing workouts because they’ve been planned for later in the day. Kids have a nasty habit of forgetting to tell you about appointments, or changes to commitments until the last minute, meaning that the time you had set aside to workout is now being taken up by running the kids to sports training or sourcing items for their school project that’s due tomorrow!

Getting it done early has the added benefit of setting you up for success during the day. Kick starting your day with some endorphins is a great way to positively change your mindset and make it easier to deal with stressful situations you may face during the day.


How often have you seen a Mum at the park with their kids paying more attention to their phone? (Great blog posts not included!) 

Why not put the phone away and swing on the swings, have a go on the slide and challenge yourself to get across the monkey bars? Your actions have an enormous impact on how your children will view staying healthy, fit and active later in life. 

All this incidental exercise adds up over the course of the day, week, month and creates a positive habit that will continue to serve you. 


Do these go together? 

Colour, prints or plain black?

Tank top or T-shirt?

Shorts, 3/4 or 7/8 leggings?

Is this see through? 

As a busy Mum it seems like you sometimes are making decisions for 3+ people, why are you adding to that at 5.30am when you’re getting up to workout? Plan ahead in the week what you are going to wear each day, lay it out the night before so you can wake up and go! 


You need “YOU” time. It’s non negotiable. Exercise has been proven to positively affect mindset, sharpen your memory, reduce stress (we all know we need that when we are Mums!) and improve self confidence. That sounds like all the things that are needed to dominate #mumlife to me! Becoming a better version of you, by taking some time out for you will have flow on effects to all aspects of your life. You’ll find that with the extra energy you’re more productive and may even find more time in the week that had been eluding you.  


In a week there are 168 hours.

Sleeping theoretically takes out 56 hours (wouldn’t that be nice!). 

Eating, showering, travelling, working or caring for your little one accounts for another 75 hours.

That leaves us with 37 hours to play with. Now I understand that being a Mum, juggling kids and perhaps even part time or full time employment can mean that we might need to eat into those 37 hours, but even still if we can take out 3 hours – less than 10% of that ‘extra’ time for us we’re going to be much better placed to deal with the other 165 hours.

Put your workouts down on paper, plan your week out , when you have to work, drop/ pick up kids, cooking, friends and then put that workout in there as well. Make it non-negotiable, have fun and let it become a habit!