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3 Reasons You Didn’t Achieve The Results You Deserve

By: James Kerrison

Being in the body transformation game for 15 years or so I’ve seen a lot of things, trends and gimmicks, come and go. There are also elements to success that remain unchanged. The roadblocks that a lot of people have show up time and time again. Here are three of the biggest culprits I’ve seen reoccurring over the years and are the key points we address with our coaching.


1. You put the cart before the horse.

When it comes to making physical transformations such as losing weight or increasing fitness the main focus is often on the training and/or nutrition. This is great in theory but the number one priority is getting your mindset right. With the wrong headspace or emotional state you’re setting yourself up for failure even before you’ve started.

Emotional state drives your focus.

Focus fuels your actions.

Actions lead to your results.

Results set the platform for your emotions.


2. Your goals are meaningless.

95% of the time a client will come to us with the goal/s to lose weight, get fitter, tone up.

What does any of that mean? At that level of specificity and connection it means very little.

How much weight do you want to lose?

When will you know if you’re fitter?

What does tone up look like for you?

These questions dig a little deeper but they’re still only really scratching the surface and won’t empower you to the big changes you want.

Why do I want to lose this weight?
How will I feel when I do lose the weight?
What are the consequences if I don’t achieve this goal?

With these questions we’re getting to the root cause, the real underlying emotions and motivation to achieve your goal.

Once we can attach the goal to these emotions it gets real and the changes start to happen.


3. You’re trying to do it alone.

I need to get fit before I join the gym.

I want to lose 5kgs before I start that program…

We hear these types of statements all the time and whilst they make sense to the person saying them (we can justify almost anything to ourselves), day one never comes around.

This is because (as we know from above) getting fit isn’t a real goal so it never happens and you don’t end up joining the gym.

The sole purpose of doing a weight loss program could be to lose those 5kgs and the reason it hasn’t happened is because you’re trying to do everything else before you start. Once again it never happens.

Two of the biggest factors in achieving any goal are support and accountability.

When you’re going solo these factors simply don’t exist. Instead they’re often replaced by excuses and justifications which don’t serve us at all.

It’s changing these habits, behaviours and emotions that will finally allow you to achieve the results that have eluded you.


Putting It All Together

Don’t get me wrong, your training and nutrition still need to be on point, but that is simple once you have the headspace and clarity on what you’re working towards, why you’re doing it and what it means to you.

We cover all three areas (training, nutrition, mindset) in our 28 Day Transformation Challenges and the results we’re seeing every single month are amazing.


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