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20 Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Life

By: James Kerrison

Here’s a list of some random thoughts I’ve had on things that have helped me and might be able to help you to Upgrade Your Life ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Decide that you want more out of life.

2. Get some help. It’s ok to get help, in fact I’d say it’s necessary and there’s no need to try and do it by yourself.

3. Move daily and exercise with intensity 3 to 5 times each week, more if you like and your recovery allows.

4. Have a regular practice of gratitude, daily is great, less frequent is ok. It might be one thing, it might be ten things but know that there is something in your life each and every day you can be grateful for.

5. Love yourself. Be kind to yourself. You are your own best friend but can also be your own worst enemy.

6. Allow yourself to be healthy and also take time to celebrate.

7. Be aware of when you make yourself feel guilty and work to stop it! Awareness proceeds Action which proceeds Consistency.

8. Team up with a friend or buddy. Share the journey.

9. Have a vision for who you want to be. Not what you want. But who you want to become then reverse engineer the process to become that person.

10. Eat some chocolate or drink some wine if that’s your thing (some not ALL!) Have fun and try to enjoy every moment.

11. Read books that make you smarter then share that knowledge. Aim for one book a month at a minimum and then speed up your reading and book rate from there.

12. Yoga once in a while, more frequently than you think you should. You’ll start for the physical benefits and continue for the mental ones.

13. Spend time in nature daily, maybe a walk, head to the beach. We are living in one of the best places on earth (if you’re luck enough to be in Hobart)

14. Learn to meditate. There’s an app for that, I use Headspace.

15. Drink water. Then drink more, it’s such a simple productivity, energy and health hack that is under used. Your brain, digestion system, blood, even your bones (they’re about 1/3rd water) don’t want you to be dehydrated.

16. Sleep at least 7 hours. 8 if possible. And double this on the weekend ๐Ÿ˜‰

17. Eat most of your food not from a box or packet, this will be mostly animal proteins, veggies, fruit, berries, nuts or seeds. Grains and dairy can be ok too if your body tolerates them, the devil is in the dose.

18. Believe in yourself, back yourself, be the best version of yourself.

19. Join a community of likeminded people #teamcitywide

20. Spend as much time as you can with these positive people and positive thoughts and less time with the negative influences out there.