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Help! I’ve been eating better and exercising more, but I still haven’t lost weight…

Help! I’ve been eating better and exercising more, but I still haven’t lost weight…what gives? If ‘weight loss’ is your goal then it is nice to see the scale moving south. But you need to know that there are other things to consider when looking for changes in your body: measurements, clothes, pictures and energy…

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White Potatoes vs Sweet Potatoes

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Five Ways To Combat Menopausal Weight Gain

One of the biggest factors with pre and peri-menopausal women is the change in their hormonal status and how their bodies store fat. This change in hormones and body fat storage can result in a change in body shape. Lots of women start to notice that they carry more weight around their stomach. You might…

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8 Things You Must Consider Before Exercising After Childbirth

One of the great things about having a large portion of our clients being female is that we get to share their journey of fitness throughout their pregnancy. Then once their home and settled in we get to help them regain their fitness and strength, or as a lot of mums say their ‘pre baby…

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running and reading

Running and Reading

I’ve got a couple of videos for you to watch today. They’re only short and they’re from one of the most underrated inspirational person of our generation. “The Key To Life Is Running And Reading”   As with anything in life, take what is useful, reject whit is not and add what is uniquely your…

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3 reasons why

3 Reasons You Didn’t Achieve The Results You Deserve

By: James Kerrison Being in the body transformation game for 15 years or so I’ve seen a lot of things, trends and gimmicks, come and go. There are also elements to success that remain unchanged. The roadblocks that a lot of people have show up time and time again. Here are three of the biggest culprits…

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How Tim Dropped 24kgs and Became A Morning Person!

By: James Kerrison I met Tim at the Orientation Seminar for the 28 Day Transformation Challenge in November last year. He described himself as a ‘quiet natured’ person and if it wasn’t for his amazing process he may have not drawn this much attention to himself! He works hard in the gym but his results…

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20 Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Life

By: James Kerrison Here’s a list of some random thoughts I’ve had on things that have helped me and might be able to help you to Upgrade Your Life 1. Decide that you want more out of life. 2. Get some help. It’s ok to get help, in fact I’d say it’s necessary and there’s…

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Creatine: What is it and Can it help me?

By: James Kerrison If you’ve been following my advice for any length of time you’ll know that I don’t push supplements. There are a lot of people that will have you led to believe that in order to change your body, your health, your lifestyle that supplements are necessary. They can be helpful in some…

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Four Reasons You’re Hungry….And What You Can Do About It!

Hunger is one of the most common reasons that people go off plan and struggle with long term adherence with weight loss programs. The irony is that a lot of the triggers for hunger are from eating or drinking off plan. This then starts a downward spiral out of control which can be hard to…

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